Over the years, Tritec has proven its ability to creatively develop specialised high-tech machinery, and this has gradually become one of the company’s hallmarks.

Therefore, Tritec is frequently involved from the initial conceptual phase at many large manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical, medical and plastics industries.

For nearly fourthy years, the company has developed and manufactured 1,000 specialised machines, a large percentage of which are still in operation to this day. Previously, small machinery was primarily sold to a wide range of customers, but in recent years, Tritec has challenged itself to develop bigger, more complex, specialised machinery for specific segments of the manufacturing industry.

The development of specialised high-tech machinery similarly requires Tritec to continuously develop its employees and its equipment.

This is also why Tritec is continually developing itself as a company to meet the increasingly stringent demands of its customers.

Knowledge-sharing, courses, training, trade fairs and updates from suppliers all help to retain and challenge our skilled employees.

Out of our employees, multiple have celebrated their 25th work anniversary with Tritec, and none has run out of interesting challenges yet.
This also applies to the company’s owner, Finn Løndal, who over the years has replaced his old toolbox and angle grinder, from the company’s founding in 1982, with dynamic high-tech solutions.