3D Designs

You get a fourth dimension in our 3D mechanical engineering designs

Today, virtually everyone uses 3D design. At Tritec, we also use a fourth dimension, which, together with 3D, infuses our results with an added benefit. The fourth dimension is called ‘experienced workmanship’.

At Tritec, we almost never make two machines that are identical, because we notably do not provide package solutions or mass-produced goods. We start from scratch whenever we develop a new machinery design or automated solution for a customer. We are eager to find a new and better solution every time, and we do, too.

The start of the process may be a little chaotic and fantastic when designers, electrical engineers and metalworkers enter the first brainstorming session. New solutions and inventions fill the air and, thanks to 3D designs, we quickly get an impression of the proposals that will provide the best results.

There is a real danger of using 3D modelling as the only basis for making decisions. What we see on a computer screen almost always looks right, but we may have overlooked something. Therefore, proposals are always presented to Tritec’s seasoned employees who use their hands-on technical experience to assess whether there is anything in the modelling that will not actually work. This is our fourth dimension and it reduces many costs and delays for you, our customer.

Better safeguarding of the mechanical design

From the outset, 3D modelling minimises structural faults, and our fourth dimension provides you with an even better safeguard.

In terms of time, it is also makes sense to use 3D. It reduces the working hours that customers have to pay for. It also saves times for our external suppliers who can manufacture goods far more efficiently and quickly because they can base their work on a 3D file.

Your automated solutions will also cost less when we use 3D designs to visualise your project. There are other benefits, too, the biggest of which involves peace of mind.

When you order a new mechanical design that still does not exist because we have to develop it for you first, 3D modelling is the closest you will get to being able to see the results.

If you do not like what you see, it is easy for us to revise the project in the 3D program, check with our technicians to make sure the mechanical-design will actually work in practice – and continue until you and your company are satisfied.

We use the 3D program Solid Edge and provide our customers with a viewer free of charge.

If you also want to infuse your next specialised machine with a fourth dimension, then please phone us on +45 5637 3030.