About us

We specialise in mechanical engineering


A number of specialised high-tech machines from Tritec Maskinteknik A/S are already in use in China, the UK, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Belarus, Malaysia and the US. The machines are primarily being used by companies in the medical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries, and these companies have improved their earnings by having their new machinery developed by Tritec Maskinteknik A/S.


Tritec Maskinteknik A/S is a Danish company providing experience, sound know-how, conceptual development, creativity and top quality in the field of high-tech mechanical engineering. We usually join the process from the outset when a new product is conceived, and our experience enables us to assist in making the product manufacturing-friendly.


Tradition for quality mechanical-engineering craftsmanship

We uphold the sound Danish traditions of good craftsmanship and creativity. Combined with our short lead times and high level of flexibility during the project, joining forces with Tritec Maskinteknik is an ideal solution for your next project.


Tritec Maskinteknik A/S develops, manufactures and sells specialised high-tech machinery and control systems for industrial automation. The machinery is used as manufacturing equipment, processing equipment, automation equipment and technical equipment for assembly systems, particularly in the medical industry.


By making the machinery smarter, we enhance the profitability of our customers’ production processes.

Initially, our customers experience a need. Our job is to be the creative participant who conceptualises a solution to meet this need.


Personally involved in your project

Customers from all over the world encounter the same receptiveness and our personal involvement in understanding their needs which the new manufacturing equipment must meet.


Visit us to encounter a modern workplace with an environment that inspires our employees and makes them capable of providing unique, unprecedented solutions every time. Every result is characterised by also complying with our essential requirements for quality, perfect documentation and tried and tested solutions.


Our sense of finish and design is another element which makes Tritec Maskinteknik a reputable company in our field.